Andrew Wilson a.k.a AndrewToons, or just Andrew Wilson is a Chinese-American animator and the creator of the company called "Artwork Productions" with his friend, John Earls, a.k.a MackerelFilms... 

Founder of Artwork ProductionsEdit

On late 2014, Andrew and John Earls a.k.a MackerelFilms, Spicy Dog and sir_risk founded Artwork Productions, a webcomic website for users... On early 2016, Andrew met TheCrewCurcuit, a.k.a Mike Issac Animations... With the help of his friends, the site began to rise!

Relations with BrentDoesGames and LukeEdit

On the late 2016, Andrew went to YouTube to watch crappy GoAnimate videos... He then watch Brent's videos and thought it was amazing... Brent suggest that Andrew should watch LukeDoesGames channel... After that, two of them became close friends of Andrew, and joined Artwork Productions

Joining YouTubeEdit

On May 2016, Andrew joined YouTube to post the animations he made...  Before forming a group and creating Artwork Productions, Andrew post lots of animations! His first subscriber was Lolzambie


On December 2015, Andrew decided to search and play some games on the internet... He discovered ROBLOX... He joined ROBLOX on 2016 and play it all time... But sadly, Andrew stop making flash animations and beginning to make animations using ROBLOX Studio... But he is still making a bit flash animations


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